R&D Design Capabilities

Hisense Intelligent Commercial company has been persisting to put great efforts on the research and development and hence, has established a research and development platform possessing high quality technology, talents, experience and quality management. It owns a high quality research and development team with nearly 200 members and has established development and research institutes in Qingdao, Shenzhen and Shanghai. The company has been continuously strengthening the technical equipment and research development devices in the research and development center. It owns seven laboratories in the radio frequency, structure and electronic areas and its technical research and development involves three major sectors in Retail and Hospitality POS systems, Financial Payment terminal and Retail management systems POS software .
We have an excellent team.

* We have professional research and development team with more than 160 people, of which nearly 40% are the high-end talents with a master’s degree.

* We have 26 years of research and development experience in terms of commercial electronic products.

* We have been focusing on product development for more than 20 years.

Research and development production capacity

The research and development institution of the company is equipped with four professional institutes of hardware, software, structure, and products, with first-rate research and development environment and complete facilities.

The scientific and effective research and development management system was established. The performance evaluation and reward system for the research and development personnel, and research and development as well as investment accounting management approach, etc. were developed.

Relying on the National Laboratory of Hisense Group, the structure development laboratory and the testing laboratory were established, which is equipped with professional development equipment;

In terms of the exterior structure, hardware and software, system integration as well as testing, we have our own experts, form the independent innovation ability, and have positive long-term cooperation with Beijing University of Technology and other scientific research units, in order to achieve the conversion from technology to products.

During the past three years, the company have implemented 12 key projects. A total of 31 technical achievements have all been converted into products, and nearly 30 kinds of models of products have been formed.

Quality Control

Based on the GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008 “Requirements on Quality Management System”, GB/T24000-2004 idt ISO14001—2004 “Requirements and Operating Guide on Environment Management System”, GB/T 28001-2011/OHSAS 18001:2007 “Requirements on Occupation Health Safety Management System”, and Guide on Environment Mark Product Safeguard Measures, the company has established a management system in line with the quality and environment safety standards. It is among the first batch of cashier productions companies appointed by the Ministry of National Information Industry and it is the core member in the National Tax-controlling Standard Drafting Team. In addition, It is the member unit in RFID Standard Committee as well as the designer for the core member system plans of “GB18240.7 MIS Enterprise Taxation Controlling Standard”. Adopting the quality control method with NPS (Users Net Recommendation Value) as the tool, the company has been trying to understand the customer demand timely and produce commercial productions of the industrial standard. The high quality has been the core competitiveness for Hisense commercial products to hold its leadership position in its industry. 

We have designated laboratories for the electromagnetic compatibility testing of the acceptable social products that is formulated by the state .

Advanced laboratory environment and equipment.

A series of test conditions of high temperature, high humidity, low humidity, low pressure,collision, drop, etc. was passed through.