[business catering system] Hisense companion "speed meal" optimization of dining experience


In the pursuit of fast, convenient and stylish catering industry, if the customer can achieve independent rapid orders, checkout, the waiter to achieve mobile services, fast checkout, is not very attractive? Hisense - instant meals do a mobile application product, some fast food fusion the busine Shishang fast-food system a bit, providing a solution based on mobile terminal clerk mobile meals and customer self-service point meal.
Applicable scenarios:
Hisense speed point meal applies to the following business scenarios:
Scene 1: Hisense speed point meal system is installed on the table next to the fixed PAD, by the customer to carry out a point of meal operation;

      Scene 2: Hisense speed ordering system is mounted on a handheld PAD waiter, the waiter to get in front of customers by complete meal and payment.

System characteristics:
1, human interface, enhance the user experience
Process point of meal design, fool type operation, simple and easy to use, shorten the customer ordering time, improve the order efficiency

More than 2 sets of recommended dishes to show the template, the background of flexible visual configuration
System preset a variety of recommended dishes to show the template, through the PAD menu of the background can be flexible to choose, and to achieve visualization of flexible configuration

3 flexible interface style settings to meet the individual needs
System preferences of multiple sets of interface scheme, home pictures, icon menu, promotion activities, restaurants, ordering mode can according to their actual business need for flexible settings to meet the needs of different enterprise individuation.

4 support a variety of payment methods to achieve rapid mobile cash register
In addition to conventional cash, prepaid card payment, also supports WeChat, Alipay scan code to pay a variety of payment for customers to choose, easy to manage the enterprise cash flow

5 hardware terminal platform is not limited, can be flexibly configured according to the needs of enterprises
System can be deployed in the Android, iOS, Windows platform of the tablet device, and the interface is adaptive, not limited by the size of the hardware platform and screen, reduce the cost of hardware equipment selection.

System application value:
Change the traditional service model, the application of buffet meal, a substantial reduction of enterprise service personnel input, reduce labor costs. And the electronic menu instead of paper menu in the menu of frequently updated case to save the cost of printing.
Independent, fast eating brings a new experience model, customer without bear peak dining ordering and settlement of a long wait, dining satisfaction greatly enhanced; high-tech ordering process, improve the ability of juke, enhance restaurant grade.
Hisense "fast food" the background, foreground customer end of the whole process of information extension, so that the enterprise can be direct access to the terminal consumer information antennae, information flow, capital flow, unified management and control of the flow of Commerce, enhance enterprise management level.