[new] Hisense POS perfect quality acceptance market review


The 70 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War, the solemn parade of small series so far inner boiling, this is the pride of the Chinese nation. Recently, there is a small series of passionate things, that is the Hisense PADPOS and the self POS of the full landing application, this small series have the honor to follow the acceptance of the scene to experience a.
Self help POS will be brought into a new era of retail, the line is reduced as well as cash, bank cards, electronic payments, such as the application of the full channel mode of payment for customers to bring great convenience. At the same time, it also reduces the cost of businesses to reduce, enhance the efficiency of shopping.
As a self-help POS's flagship product, HS710 system is stable in operation, the interface is friendly and easy to use, customers can complete the self scanning, bagging process, and can choose to use bank cards, stored value cards and micro payment, businesses have been highly recognized.

Simple and friendly interface

Fast and smooth shopping process

Smooth and convenient cash payment

WeChat pay easily swept away



As an enterprise class Windows tablet POS, HM518 highly integrated design, with NFC, MSR, IC, one dimensional code and other functional modules, to achieve full channel payment.

Two-dimensional code scanning payment

Credit card payment

Support WIFI, Bluetooth and 3G and other wireless communication mode, the cash register table is more clean and tidy. With the financial equipment, wireless printers, a total group of commercial mobile POS ecosystem;



HM518 not only provides a comprehensive, safe and flexible solution for commercial counter monopoly, but also is suitable for many fields, such as food, beverage, management, distribution and so on.